Our Services.

As an extremely flexible business MBHRN is able to offer a vast array of support to you with respect to your Reward function, but that support tends to fall into one of the following three main solutions:

Permanent search.

MBHRN has been mapping the senior Reward and HR markets since 2004, as such we started your search months before you even realised you had a vacancy.

By using our vast mature national and international network, blended with targeted Social Media activity we are able to present you with a diverse, researched, detailed and comprehensive candidate shortlist extremely rapidly.

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Interim solutions.

MBHRN was set up in order to address Matt’s desire to enjoy a fulfilling professional and family life and we are committed to helping others do the same.

Our broad networks allow us to assist you in finding short term solutions measured in days, weeks, months and/or years across all types of agile contractual arrangement.

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Market Mapping and Team Design.

In the age of social media Market Mapping has developed into a highly valuable tool which can help teams and organisations get a contemporaneous view of:

  • the talent pool available to them
  • how that talent perceives your business
  • how your packages benchmark against them
  • who would welcome an approach should you decide to make one

Market mapping, when carried out correctly, also has a very positive impact on your external employer brand putting you on candidate’s radar for future approaches.

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How it's done.

On instruction we work hard to understand the culture of the organisation in order to introduce you to individuals who are not just consummately capable of fulfilling the role from a technical perspective, but who will thrive in your environment.

We will quickly pull together a briefing document incorporating the job description – which, where necessary, we can help you develop – as well as additional information to bring the opportunity to life.

Then it's time to engage with the network ensuring the whole talent pool is considered and the most suitable candidates are interviewed and presented to you.

We estimate - for permanent search - that from formal instruction you are likely to receive your short list within 2-3 weeks.